3 Ways to Stop Negative Thinking and Help Prevent Bullying

As parents, reaching out to your children to help them cope with and prevent bullying is always a tough issue. One of the key weapons that you can utilize is to help them learn how to stop negative thinking. In doing this you will help your children be less susceptible to bullying and its consequences…continue reading to find a few great tips to help your kids learn how to stop negative thinking.

Raise Self-Esteem with Encouragement: One of the best and most effective ways to stop negative thinking is to help raise self-esteem in your children through encouragement and positive reinforcement. This doesn’t have to be over the top or cheesy. It can take the form of small, everyday compliments or positive phrases about your child or teen’s appearance, mood, schoolwork, hobbies or activities, or anything else.

Make a habit of praising and encouraging your kids – this will held build their self-esteem and as a result bullies won’t have any ground to stand on because your children know who they are.

Speaking out instead of shutting up: One of the biggest problems that parents of teens face is that they don’t know when their kids are suffering, or what they’re dealing with, because it’s never mentioned.

Teach your kids to speak out, instead of shutting up, and negative thoughts can be handled, dealt with and solved. Talk to your kids and encourage them to share with you, and encourage them to share what they’re going through with someone they trust, even if it’s not you. It can be a counselor, a friend, a relative or someone else but it’s always better to share and work through things rather than let them bottle up and eventually explode.

Find new outlets: If your teen doesn’t have any outlet socially, or for their emotions or energy, they’re more likely to have negative thoughts and be affected and susceptible to bullying. Help them find new outlets and you’ll help them stop negative thinking. It can be an after-school activity, sport, hobby of any kind, or even plans with you and the family.

The more outlets your teen has, the more they’ll be able to avoid spiraling downward with negative thoughts and overcome those thoughts when they occur. If your teen doesn’t have motivation to try something new, you may have to force the action a bit at first to get the ball rolling. But meeting new friends and doing new things will encourage them to keep it up on their own.

Hopefully by now you have a few ideas to get started on how to get your kids and teens to stop negative thinking. With the right attitude and approach, your children will be happier and healthier in all situations, and will be able to say goodbye to the problems of bullying before they get too serious. Be proactive and take a step forward to helping your children stop negative thinking.