Adoption Agencies – Choosing The Best One!

Adoption is a wonderful way to bring a child into a loving home, whether it is a home where a mother and father are having trouble conceiving, or a home that is ready to add to their existing brood. Whatever situation you find yourself in, if you are considering adoption, then the first step is choosing an adoption agency. While this might not seem that crucial, it is. Without a quality adoption agency with your best interests at heart, your journey to become adoptive parents can be paved with heartache and disappointment.

One form of adoption agency that you want to avoid is those agencies that recruit birth mothers. These adoption agencies tend to be in the business for the bottom line, the money they will make from arranging an adoption. While they are not going to place children in compromising situations, for legal reasons, they are not considerably concerned about creating a loving family environment. If they get paid and operate within the law, they are happy.

You can recognize these agencies if you know what to look for. One red flag is an agency that tends to recruit their birth mothers aggressively. They may advertise their facilities, as a place for women to stay that is luxurious and comfortable. The problem with this is that the women often feel that they owe the agency something for this comfort and do not feel free to change their mind after the birth about the adoption.

Another red flag that you want to avoid when choosing your adoption agency is one that does not provide education and support for those families who have adopted. Again, this shows a lack of concern for the adoptive family. These poor companies will advertise adoption as being all positive. They ignore the negative emotional consequences that many birth mothers go through. While adoption is a beautiful event, there are many complicated emotional issues surrounding the process. A quality adoption agency will consider and educate about these concerns.

You know you have found a good adoption agency if you find one that treats their birth mothers well. They will make sure that these women are completely aware of what they are doing in surrendering their children and completely educated them about their legal rights, including the time they have that they can change their mind.

A good agency will be open from the beginning of the process about the intricate emotions and other aspects of the adoption process. Because of this, they do not pamper the birth mothers, but encourage them to support themselves. This helps them cope with the emotions they face when placing their children for adoption.

The benefit of using a quality adoption agency is that the adoptions usually stick. Remember that women have a waiting period where a birth mother can choose to change her mind about the adoption. If the birth moms are not fully educated about the process of adoption, this leads to heartbreak for the adoptive parents, when the mom decides to change her mind at the last minute. Using a quality adoption agency will keep this fail rate low!