Advantages of Nanny Care Over Daycare

Childhood is a crucial stage in life as it is during this period that the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional as well as social development happens. With the growth of mental and physical abilities, high quality personal care is essential during this period. In particular, during the first three years, what parents teach and what children get exposed to, impacts the child’s overall development tremendously.

The child-care arrangement chosen by the parents during early childhood has all the potential to provide better learning experiences for the child. Therefore, creating an environment which positively and intellectually stimulates the child is the responsibility of every parent. Hiring a nanny and admitting the child into a daycare center are two popular child-care methods that we are going to discuss. Nanny care is much more personalized and as such has more advantages over a daycare option.

Nanny vs. Daycare:
Following are a few points which help to compare and contrast and choose the better one.

•Care and attention: A Nanny offers your child personalized care and attention, which is necessary during early childhood. Thus, choosing a nanny, who really loves and nurtures your child, and makes him feel safe and secure even in your absence, is very important.

Alternatively, a daycare cannot offer one-to-one attention. They often have several children of varying ages such as infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, they must care for at the same time. This can make it difficult for them to provide every child with one-to-one attention. Also, many daycares will care for children who are sick. Whereas many nannies do not mind caring for sick children.

•Convenience: Daycares are similar to schools. You need to drop off and pick up your child by certain times, regardless of your schedule. You need to wake up your child, get him ready, and pack all his goods, besides getting yourself ready to work.

With nanny care, parents can enjoy a flexible schedule. You can leave everything related to the child like waking up, dressing, feeding, etc. to the care of nanny and can move forward with your own work schedule. You can ask the nanny to arrive and leave as your schedule needs.

•Transportation: Another challenging task while leaving your child at daycare is getting them to and from the daycare on time. If the center hours clash with your schedule, you need someone to get your child to the daycare and back home safely.

Nanny care relieves you from all such pesky issues. The nanny comes to your home and leaves according to the time scheduled. This will alleviate any issues that may arise as a result of your comings and goings.

•Scheduling of child activities: If you hire a nanny, you can schedule the kind of activities your child is involved in as well as when the activities will take place. You can get your nanny to take your child to and from any activities that your child is involved in. But daycares do not offer such services. Daycares schedule their own activities, and will not transport children to activities that are off premises.

•Environment: Another advantage of nanny care is that your child will be at your home in a familiar, comfortable and safe environment. Your child would also have the added luxury of being able to nap in their own bed, and play with their toys. Alternatively, in a daycare environment, children often nap on the floor and may find it difficult to take a good nap as other children may be crying or otherwise not napping.

•Safety: As there are more children in a daycare environment it is often more difficult for daycare providers to pay attention to things like children’s personal hygiene. This makes your child more prone to sickness and infection. Moreover, accidents, falls, and biting from the other children can be common problems in a daycare environment. Children in daycare are more likely to get sick, due to increased exposure to germs, than children who remain at home under a nanny’s care.

•Additional benefits offered by a nanny: A nanny can also help you with household chores in addition to caring for your child. This is an added advantage to working mothers as they feel less stressed and more relaxed getting back home after a hectic work schedule.

Finding a right nanny matters most:
Notwithstanding the fact that the cost and privacy may be a deterrent to hire a nanny, you can see the value she adds, by hiring a right nanny. Despite the advantages, if you hire a nanny who doesn’t match to your expectations, nothing works well. In this context, hiring a nanny from a reputed referral agency is often a time saving and a worth considering option. Good referral agencies thoroughly screen the nannies, provide them with the required training (if necessary), do the background checks, and then suggest them to the parents. Therefore, one can confidently hire a nanny through a reputed referral agency to get all the benefits from nanny care.