Body Massage

There are many benefits of being relaxed. You handle situations better, it’s healthy and most of all, you are calm. There are many ways of getting relaxed and a full body massage is just one of them. There are different techniques and styles to a body massage. I think the thing is to find the one that suits you best. The person getting the massage should make sure they have loose fitting clothing, or even better, a piece of cloth to cover areas that are not being massaged.

Have a sweet smelling, essential healing oil to use for the massage. It should penetrate deep into the skin. As a masseuse, you should have the person laying on a firm surface, even on the floor. You should start at the base of the spine, kneading gently with your thumbs to avoid any injury. After you soothe the neck and shoulders, you should pay attention to the pelvic area. Remember, it’s a body massage so Give the arms some time also. Give them some rotation. This helps in circulation by loosening the arm muscles. Work the biceps using your fingertips.
Next are the legs starting at the feet and ankles.

Pay attention to the soles of the feet. Many people forget to pay attention to these pasts of the body. Massage each section of the legs until you get to the top of the thighs. Throughout the massage, don’t lose touch with the person’s body. This way they leave you fully relaxed, calm and without a thought of the stresses of everyday life.