Childrens Party Games For Teens and Older Children

Here are some fun childrens party games for teens and older children.

Sometimes teens and older children like to act “cool”. But they may well be very nervous – especially, if they don’t know many of the people at the party.

What works really well in this situation is to have an ice-breaker.

A really great ice breaker when it comes to older kids birthday party games is Follow The Leader.

One person is sent out of the room and all the others select one person to be the leader. The leader then starts performing a silly action like wiggling their tongue or scratching their nose, and everyone has to follow suit.

The other player is then called back to the room. The game continues as before with everyone following the leader: every time he does something else all the other players immediately follow suit. The purpose of this game is whether the player who was sent outside can guess who the leader is. He only has two guesses.

This game can often descend into laughter, especially so, if the leader continually changes actions and the poor observer is running around trying desperately to work out who he or she is.

What older children really love are games that involve dares. Balloon Dare fits the bill perfectly.

Tear a bunch of paper into small strips and on each piece write a dare. Roll up the paper and place one dare in each balloon, before blowing and tying the balloon up. Each player then has to choose a balloon and burst it with the needle. Then they have to do whatever dare they find inside their balloon.

A game which is guaranteed to get a lot of laughs is Broom Twist.

You will need plenty of open space for this game, so you may want to do it in your garden, or, perhaps, in a local park. If you like your childrens party games to have a bit of twist, this will fit the bill perfectly!

One kid takes a broom and holds it by the handle above his head and then turns around five or six times on the spot. Then, whilst still holding the broom handle, he immediately places the head of the broom on the ground and attempts to stand on it with both feet.

This game is far harder than it sounds, as gravity takes hold and the earth will really feel like it’s spinning out of control!

When it comes to children party games for older children a really nice game to finish with is Chinese Drawing.

This is the drawing equivalent of Chinese Whispers.

Everyone sits in a long straight line except for one person who draws a simple image on a piece of paper, and shows it to the last person in the line.

That person then draws the image on the back of the person who’s sat next to them, using their finger.

This person then draws the picture (or what they think it is!) on the back of the person who’s sat next to them, and so on until the image reaches the front.

The last person draws what image they have in mind on a piece of paper, at which point everyone can compare it with the image that was drawn by the first person.

The variation from the first image to the last is likely to be a source of great fun and amusement.

If you want more information about all kinds of childrens party games to suit all tastes and budgets, check out my website below.