Credit Rating Scores – Delete Your Late Payments

Credit rating scores for many people these days have taken a big hit. With this economic downturn, a lot have suffered financially and so has their credit rating. However, there is optimism around the corner, The economy is showing signs of a turnaround and so should your credit score.

You should be implementing different methods in order to improve your credit rating scores. In these sort of times its best to establish some simple methods, which can give you, consistent results in the future. These methods will prove to be a cornerstone of your credit history for the time to come. I’m going to give you one method, if done properly can provide you long term and short term benefits.

Deleting Late Fees

1. Go through your credit statements of your all your credit lines for the past 4 months.

2. Identify any that have incurred late fees.

3. Make a list of all those credit accounts and contact each one firm.

4. Make sure to speak to the credit department.

5. Ask for goodwill or courtesy write off.

Now, more then likely they’ll give you the write off as a courtesy. Especially, if this is your first time, then they will for sure grant you a first time courtesy. Now how is this vital? You see late fees show up directly on your credit report and take away a lot of points. It has a heavy weight when your credit rating scores are calculated.

By you removing the late fee at the root, that is with the credit firm themselves, you automatically remove it from the credit report itself. The points that were taken away initially will be reinstated and negative item listed on your report will be removed.