Dating Post Divorce – 3 Tips For Successful Dating

The dating game can seem intimidating especially if it has been awhile since you have played it. After a divorce, there may be additional considerations that you have not had before in dating – issues of single parenthood and past emotional baggage, to name a couple of examples. However, dating post divorce doesn’t have to be a confusing minefield of unknowns. Here are 3 tips that will help you feel secure and confident as you move back into the world of dating after a divorce:

1. Take plenty of time for yourself first, to determine what your part in the failure of the marriage was, as well as what happened on the other side. This understanding is not an exercise in laying blame or punishing yourself, but accurately determining what happened so you can heal and be sure you are conscious of any patterns that might repeat themselves in a new relationship.

2. Take good care of yourself physically. This means eating well, focusing on organic, unprocessed foods whenever possible. Take vitamins and supplements as needed, stating with a food based multivitamin and fish oil for most. A naturopath can provide you with a customized “supplement menu” tailored to your help needs. Exercise regularly – not only will this boost endorphin production and thus your mood, it will improve your overall health and body image.

3. Surround yourself with lots of loving, supportive friends and family members. Make sure you are getting emotional needs met through your relationships with these people, rather than counting on a new relationship to meet your emotional needs. In addition, filling your social calendar with time with friends will keep you busy and when that prospective date asks you when you’re free, you will truthfully be left to say, “I am available a week from Friday.” Human nature is such that people desire others who are busy, fulfilled, active, and not waiting around for someone to call and sweep them off their feet.