Dependability – A Good Habit

Do you know what dependability is and why it’s such an important characteristic that you should be developing? Maybe you’ve heard the word all your life but you’re not quite sure what it really means. Dependability is defined as being worthy of being trusted, being reliable or being someone that can be depended upon. A few synonyms ofdependability happen to include words like “responsible,” “steadfast” and “trustworthy.”

Take a moment to consider the people in your life, such as coworkers, friends or family members. If someone never returns your call, how does that make you feel? When someone fails to keep their word, what do you begin to think about that individual? It’s easy to lose trust and faith in individuals that do not keep their word. If they don’t deliver when they give a promise, you begin to feel that the individual is no longer worthy of your faith and trust. Of course, you can’t just judge others in that manner. Ask yourself a few questions. Do you always keep your word? Are you truly dependable? Can people rely on you to deliver on your promises?

How Can You Build Dependability

Now that you understand dependability a bit more, you may be wondering how you can begin building this characteristic in your own life. Working to hone this characteristic is worth the work it takes and can change the course of your life. The following are several steps you can follow to start building dependability in your life.

– Step #1 – Focus on Keeping Promises – One of the first steps you can take to building dependability is to start focusing on keeping your promises. This doesn’t just apply when you actually say the words, “I promise.” Keeping your promises means keeping your word all the time. When you tell someone that you will do something, you must follow through and do it. Be committed to keeping those promises that you make. Make sure that you pay attention to the promises you make. Avoid making promises that you cannot deliver on. As you work on continually delivering on your promises, you become a more credible, dependable person.

– Step #2 – Always Follow Through – It’s not enough to want to be dependable. You must learn to follow through on your word and the commitments that you make. This means that when you start something, you need to finish it. If you don’t follow through on commitments, find out why. When you learn about the barriers that may stand in your way, you can eliminate them and work to follow through, building better dependability in your life.

– Step #3 – Stop Trying – Many people say that they will “try” to accomplish a task. It’s time to stop trying and start doing. The word “try” communicates that you are not committing to that action and people are less likely to believe you’ll deliver when you use this word. If you don’t think you will be able to do something, it’s important to communicate that. Avoid saying you will “try” to do a task and just do it instead.

Kids Need to Learn Dependability Too

Of course, while adults need to focus on building the habit of dependability, it’s important that kids learn to build this characteristic in their own lives. Even when children are quite young, you can begin teaching them to be dependable. Small responsibilities can be used to teach this characteristic. Martial arts training can also help teach kids about being more dependable. If you feel you need help teaching your children how to become more reliable, martial arts training offers a great way to teach kids dependability and many other important characteristics.