Fussy Baby Relief in Three Easy Steps

When your child is fussy, there is almost nothing that you will not do to calm him or her down and get your baby back to being the happy, giggling being that you know they are meant to be. While the basic, feed, burp, change cycle can be helpful in many cases, sometimes there is just too much going on either inside your baby’s body or outside to allow them to relax, including noise, colic, uncomfortable temperatures, teething, gas, and more. If you have a fussy baby, try these simple easy remedies to calm them right down.

Baby Swaddling

The womb feels like an all over hug to your baby. It is close around them on every side, and they feel protected and safe. When they leave the womb, they are able to stretch out for the first time in their lives, but this freedom can be frightening; imagine if you suddenly got a whole new sense! Also, small babies can have trouble controlling their limbs, especially as they fall asleep. Swaddling can prevent a twitchy arm from whacking a dozing baby and waking them up.

To swaddle your fussy baby, lay out a blanket and fold it so that it is a triangular shape. Lay the baby with their head above the fold, more to one side of the triangle than the other. Hold their arm close to their body as you fold the short side of the blanket across their body. Make it snug, and tuck it in beneath the baby. Not fold the long side around until it goes all the way around the baby. Again, snug is good!

Infant Massage

Touch is very soothing to babies. To practice infant massage on your baby, take them into a warm room and undress them down to their diaper. You should lay them on a soft surface or hold them on your lap. Pour some baby oil or baby massage lotion into your hands and let it warm up before you touch your baby with it. Baby massage is not the same as adult massage. Rather than working on knots, the goal is to comfort your baby with soothing touch. Make circular motions on their backs and tummies, rub up and down their arms and legs in long strokes, and speak softly and lovingly. It is a great way to bond, and infant massage can calm babies experiencing mild pain as from gas or even teething.

White Noise

Even when it seems quiet to us, there is often a lot going on for our little ones to notice. If you need fussy baby relief, consider the noise both inside and out of your home. Are there noises that can startle your baby? A loud phone ringing? A dog barking? Loud TV or radio blaring? You are used to these noises, but your baby is used to the white noise of the womb, and the extreme quiet or strange sounds can be disorienting. Playing white noise cd’s can drown out the din. Your baby will be comforted in no time.