How Not To Put Your Baby To Sleep – Series Part 3

This is part three of the How NOT to Put a Baby to Sleep Series. So far we have gone over 6 methods that many people use to put their baby to sleep that they should not. In this segment of the series we will continue to provide methods that you should not use to put your baby to sleep. You may find them humorous, disturbing or perhaps you may think there is nothing wrong at all using the following methods.

Butt Facing The Ceiling – This is also known as laying your baby on their stomach when they go to sleep. Laying your baby on the stomach to fall asleep greatly increased the risks of SIDS and possible suffocation. Medical Professionals do not know what causes SIDS but they have done several studies that resulted in data that has confirmed laying your baby to sleep on their stomach increases the odds of SIDS occurring. When putting your baby to sleep you should lay them on their back in a crib that does not have pillows or blankets in it. The only blanket in the crib should be the one that your baby is swaddled in. Remember, a great way to put a baby to sleep is in a nice firm swaddle.

Having Baby Be Your Teddy Bear – Baby care experts and every book you read out there will tell you that you should not have your baby sleep in your bed, because you could roll over on top of your baby and suffocate them. Honestly, I understand where these people are coming from… but come on. Everyone has put their baby to sleep in their bed at one time or another and crawled into bed to take a nap with them. Sleeping with your bed and using them as a teddy bear are two different thing. Also, you may want to consider a different way to put your baby to sleep other than having them sleep in your bed if you and your partner are sharing a full/double sized bed. With that small of a bed, it is very likely you will roll over on top of your baby. Do not get in the habit of putting your baby to sleep at night in your bed. This will create a co-dependency issue that will be hard to break when you baby gets older.

Newborn Football In The Recliner – This suggestion of not putting your baby to sleep using the method comes from experience. Most dads like to hold their newborn like footballs when the have the chance. Maybe it makes us dads feel like Joe Montana….. I have no idea. The crook of an arm is a comfortable place for a baby and is also a secure location for baby to rest, in most cases. Although this is a great position to hold your baby and even to have your baby sleep while you are awake it is an awful position to to put your baby to sleep when you end up falling asleep as well. Do not hold your baby in this position in a recliner while watching an uneventful football game. The heat from your baby that you put to sleep just may cause you to get sleepy and pass out as well. One move of your arm over the recliner and arm and your baby will possible fall to the floor. Please do not put your baby to sleep using this method. Generally it will be unintentional.