How to Get Child Support Payments Reduced

Divorce accounts for the end of 50% of marriages, and it is because of this that child support payments are a normal expense many people have to pay. However, with the economy not what it is and debts creeping up, its normal that there may be a time where you think about how to get your child support payments reduced. Though there are many laws in place to keep parents paying support for their children, there are ways to have these payments reduced.

The first thing to do is to see how much you want the payments reduced. Look at your monthly expenses and your monthly income, and see what is necessary and what you can do without. You want to ask for a reduction that fits your resources, so you don’t want to shoot too low or you will be outright rejected. Save your pay stubs and make copies of your bills. Once you have all of your documents together, its time to officially change the child support order. This way, you have all of the necessary documentation once you know how to get child support payments reduced.

If the reason you are looking for how to get child support payments reduced is linked to the loss of a job, it will help you if you can bring in documentation of this (i.e. a letter from the former employer, unemployment checks, etc.). Additionally, if you have increased or unexpected expenses (i.e. your car was in a wreck, you have increased doctors bills, etc.), bring documentation of this too. The more proof you have of needing the payments reduced, the better.

The next step will be to file a motion to change or revise the child support. This process is different for every state, so you should do some research before showing up to the courthouse with your documents in hand. Instead, if you used a lawyer, call and ask them how this goes. You can also look up your state laws online, and you can call the courthouse to ask how to get your child support payments reduced.

Don’t make a deal with your ex: even if they say its okay for you to miss a month or to lower the amounts, you want to make sure you go through the courts. The court has decided on the amount you need to pay for child support, and they will be the ones who decide if the amount can be lowered or renegotiated. Many states have laws against missing child support payments, and you don’t ever want to put yourself in a situation where your ex could get you into trouble because the two of you have an argument.

As long as you have a reason for needing the child support payments reduced and have documentation of your income and expenses, then you have a shot at reducing this payment. However, realize that if you have a child, they are your responsibility. You may wonder about how to get child support payments reduced and it may be a possibility, but you should still plan on paying something.