How to Register for Your Baby Shower

Are you a new mommy-to-be that is excited about registering for your baby and baby shower but you have no idea what to select? Well, most soon to be moms are scared so here are some tips.

One thing that I recommend to all my pregnant friends is take a friend that has been through the process with you to help you in the journey of registering, whether it is online or in the store. Start browsing online before you go so you can read reviews and see a plethera of options that may not be stocked in the store. You can also learn about the safety features and color options online.

Once you get to the store where you want to register you will need to find the location in the store where you sign up for an account and get the machine that scans all the items onto your list for you. If you bring your partner along they will have lots of fun scanning the items for you.

There are seven major categories to be focused on when registering for your baby: nursery, clothing, baby gear, for mom, feeding, diapering/bathing and safety.

For your nursery you need to consider items like your crib, changing table, rocker, crib bedding, blankets and crib mattress.

Clothing – bodysuits, long sleeve bodysuits, socks, pajamas and hats.

Baby gear – stroller, car seat for infant and toddler stages, chest carrier, baby swing, pack-n-play and more.

For mom – If you are breastfeeding you should register for a boppy pillow, breast pads, breastfeeding accessories, nipple cream and diaper bag.

Feeding – Bibs, burp cloths, bottles, bottle sterilizer, breast pump, extra nipples and more.

Diapering/bathing your baby – diapers, wipes, diaper pail, creams, powders, towels, infant tub and wash cloths.

Safety is a priority so make sure you have items like a first aid kit, thermometer, baby gae, outlet covers, baby monitor, locks for cabinets and drawers.

Some people think that the more expensive an item is, the better it is for you and your baby but that is not always the case. Also, remember that if you choose all expensive items it can make it difficult for some people to purchase things for you so make sure that you select a wide variety of prices.

Do not pick everything in the same brand. Give yourself some variety. You can still stick to your theme of choice among different brands.

Walk down every aisle and make sure that you register for everything that you can and go ahead and include items for toddlers like your convertible car seat, high seat, big kid toys and more.

Use our printable checklist to help guide you through the process.