International Adoption Services

International adoption services are usually provided by adoption agencies and function as mediators between children and their prospective parents. Services by most of the agencies include everything that is necessary before, during and after the adoption process. Such services comprise of adoption counseling, program contacts, home study preparation, filing papers, translation help, immigration assistance and helping through the final referral.

Elina Adoption Services Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Georgia, which offers international adoption programs for countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria. Their assistance will help you adopt a child, for example from Ukraine, in less than a month. The prospective parents will have to make just one trip to the country, meet the child of their choice, get the medical report and complete the necessary formalities.

International Adoption Services, Inc. works towards providing secure homes to orphans in different parts of the world. They have an experienced team of adoption-related training, and most of the staff members are adoptive parents themselves. Services of this organization are mainly seminars and classes for parents before adoption, preparing them and interviewing them for the home study, and help the parents and children face this emotional and structural change in their family life in a balanced manner.

With their employees having more than 20 years of experience in international adoption, International Adoption Services (IAS) is offering adoption programs in countries like Ukraine, Russia, China and Guatemala. Based in Minnesota, they provide services like pre- and post-adoption counseling to parents and children, “Advisement Prompt,” placements throughout the United States, translation of documents and immigration assistance. Their website also has a full-fledged photo gallery with personal information on children available for adoption in Guatemala.