Paternity DNA Testing Helps to Unite People

Paternity DNA testing is the definitive, scientific means of establishing whether an alleged man is the true biological father of a child. The uses of the test are many however; a paternal DNA test can help you clear doubts about who the father of a child is but has also been used to unite people.

The following is a story of how a father and child were united thanks to a paternity DNA test. A Filipino singer taking part in the Filipino equivalent of American Idol told a sad story about his upbringing as an orphan and his heartbreaking desire to be reunited with his father. He told about the tragic loss of his mother at the tender age of 5 and his life as an orphan.

Watching this episode of the Filipino version of American Idol, called ‘Wowowee’, was Gregorio Rosas. Rosas could well empathize with the man on television as he too had lost his father and been brought up an orphan. His objective was now to unite this aspiring singer and his father; both must be said complete strangers to Rosas. A bit of internet research yielded the man who had taken part in the show; a waiter from Manila. Rosas also managed to track a man who could be the biological father- an unmarried man from New Jersey, US. This man had presumably worked with the US military and during his stay had an affair with another officer whom was left pregnant. He left the country before the child was even born.

After many efforts and much convincing, Rosas managed to get a paternity test organized and had the DNA samples of the alleged father and son compared. The result was a match. The two were re-united as father and son. Moreover, the father in question was an American citizen and his Filipino son was now also eligible to become a US citizen.

This case involved the uniting of a father and his son and a paternal test is what sealed and brought them together; paternal relationships can easily be confirmed with this type of test. Maternity DNA testing has also been used in similar circumstances; however, maternity tests of course involve establishing the biological mother. Paternity testing has been used countless times to unite people in such instances as the one mentioned above. A paternity DNA test result will establish with accuracy whether the tested father is the true father. In fact, probability of paternity in cases of an inclusion for paternity would be of 99.99%. If he is not the father, he will be excluded with a 100% probability.