Receiving Child Support – What to Do When You Need More

Raising children can be very expensive. There are normally day care charges during the child’s first few years of life, then come braces and so on. The unexpected expenses, such as sudden illnesses and tutoring expenses can make coming up with money for your children even harder.

If you are a single parent receiving child support payments, it may at times feel like you are not getting enough to cover the expenses. It can be difficult enough trying to provide both parental roles for the children and making sure that your children are happy and healthy without trying to figure out how you are going to pay the bills of raising them from month to month.

If you feel that your child support payments are not enough to sustain your children’s well being, you have the option to request a modification of support orders. A request for the modification of support orders is usually presented to a court for them to determine if you truly need the additional money. For this, you will probably have to prove that the current amount of Ontario child support is not enough to cover the bills or that some new needs of the children have emerged since the original support ruling. You may also be able to request a modification of support orders if you know and can prove that the parent making the support payments have a larger income than when the original ruling was made.

You are probably wondering how often a modification is approved by the court. Modifications are normally based a great deal on your ability to prove the need for more Ontario child support in ordered to sustain the well being of the children. This is where family law can help. Family law will know when a court is more likely to rule in your favor and order the increased support payments. Family law will have a good idea of when the court will rule in your favor because they have extensive experience in cases such as this and will be familiar with what it takes to get a modification request approved.

You should also know that a modification can be requested by the parent that is paying the child support. The parents that make the payments usually request the modification when they have suffered a job loss or a reduction in pay. They will probably then have to prove to the court that they have suffered the pay loss and also prove their inability to make the payments. With this in mind, although you can request the modification, so can the parent making the payments, so just be aware of those situations.

Raising children on your own can be extremely tough, especially in today’s economy where it seems that prices are rising in every area of life. With this in mind, if you are receiving Ontario child support, and the amount of the payments is no longer sufficient to sustain the well being of the children, there are options available to help better your situation.