Should You Have A Gender DNA Test For Your Unborn Child

A gender DNA test can reveal the gender of the fetus as well as showing paternity and genetic makeup. The procedure has been used because many feel it is a safer method than an amniocentesis as well as a CVS. This procedure is noninvasive where as an amniocentesis is invasive and can have risks, including inducing labor, fetal injury and in some cases termination of the pregnancy.

The gender DNA test requires taking blood from the mother who has fetal cells in her bloodstream. They isolate the Fetal DNA and will then determine the gender of the fetus. This is possible because the mother’s bloodstream carries fetal DNA from the placenta throughout the body. In most cases, a laboratory technician and not a doctor do the taking of the blood and testing. Performing the test as early as ten weeks after conception tells the gender of the fetus, although some tests may show accurate results as early as six weeks.

There are many companies around today that offer kits by way of mail, for a do it yourself home test, which you then send the sample to their lab and have the blood sample tested. Are these companies legitimate? In most cases they are, although they all charge different prices for the test kits and the testing procedure.

The question, should you have a gender DNA test is so controversial because, it takes the thrill and joy away from the birth, which most women know through experience is the beautiful part of birth, the rest can be painful. Some people may decide to end a pregnancy if the gender turns out to be wrong for what they are hoping for at the time. This type of gender DNA testing is wrong. Terminating a healthy pregnancy because the gender is not what you want leaves many religious groups and abortion groups positively outraged.

The right to select the gender of your baby may at some point unbalance the creation of life because some cultures and some people prefer boys rather than girls. This will cause less female populations and could result in the distinction of an entire heritage. Asian cultures are top on this list as they do end the life of baby girls. This way of life will eventually delete the Asian population.

With all the information about the gender DNA test and what could result if people use it for gender selection, this topic will remain a hot issue in the future. Religious groups believe that the sex of your baby is God’s will and will never change the way they believe. Abortion groups will continue to oppose this testing procedure if it is used for gender selection. I personally was happy to wait until my baby was born to find out the sex, and today I have a boy and a girl who have grown up and live wonderful lives.