Stay at Home Moms Grants and Scholarships: Pell Grant

Landing a great job requires a person to possess a college degree. A mother who is unfortunate to not have an education is most likely forced to work a low-paying job. It is sad to say that a number of mothers are suffering from poverty due to lack of education. This implies that the need for education is of utmost importance as it serves as a security blanket for procuring a self-sustaining job. A job which can provide with the needs of ones children.

The reason for the lack of education is the obvious, financial incapacity. Mothers tend not to pursue an education because they do not have the money that will enable them to get a college degree. And as stated, it is almost impossible for a mother to have a good and stable job if she has no education as a higher education serves as the qualification. In order to address this problem, the Federal Government initiated a scholarship program for mothers through the Pell Grant. Deserving mothers may get up to $5100 from this awarded grant.

This Pell Grant like most other scholarships offered by the government and private institutions, provides for the necessary funding for a deserving applicant to enable such to continue and pursue her education.

Unlike student loans, grants do not require repayment. This means that a mother who has finished her education and acquired a degree will no longer be bothered by the thought that she has to still repay a debt. Thanks to the Obama Administration mothers now may enter colleges and universities to obtain a degree of their choice.