That Force Of Habit (Cosmic Habit Force)

To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw the social critic and theatre writer: The only consistent thing in life is habit, all else means nothing. We must inculcate good habits within ourselves and eschew the bad, for starters. We must train in good ways to get good results.

Indeed, bad habits although easier to pick up, seemingly, are never ultimately as strong or as persistent as good habits once they “gain steam” within a consciousness. The worst thing in life is to in fact think that bad habits are more important than good habits in this sense. For when you or anyone has entrenched good habits, only good results can come. Sure, some good habits are seemingly harder achieved well on a cybernetic level, but make not a single mistake: Once they are entrenched, they are stronger and more infinitely powerful than bad habits.

Living life well is a good habit, and that good reality is a key to the genuine force of cosmic habit force in life, in and throughout all of existence. It is like the flowers having a habit of growing, expanding themselves, propagating and living through always expanding seeds, bulbs, and fruits.

A good, well-working life is a force of a good reality and it is purely volitional, so is the bad side of it all. The choice factor in these realities makes the most powerful difference. When I think about the power of choice, I think about the core force of habit. Solid realities are built through habit, and it is the ultimate fantasy that anything else exists outside that force, right down to life itself.

Recently, I was reading “The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius” and realized what it takes to live a good, rational life. Not “perfect” by any means, but nevertheless, a good, working rational life and existence. It simply takes good habits, that is it. Make it simple, make it stoic, make it overly easy, but think about that fact a moment. Everything bad, including decay, abuse and weakness causes death. Marcus Aurelius was a stoic philosopher, but he was onto something. Keep good habits and things on an even keel and you will get somewhere worthwhile. Indeed, it is the extreme and panicked emotions that cause all trouble really when thought of correctly. I personally think it is best to look at things objectively, calmly and realistically whatever the circumstance and do this in a habitual way for all of the best solutions to problems or realities that seem to not have a viable solution.

So, that brings me to a point, since mastery and ultimate solutions are always possible, I understand that there are not any pedagogical or teaching infinities in reality. As there is an ultimate answer to every question, there is an ultimate solution that is waiting to figured out to every problem in reality. What else is thinking, the mind and reality for other than habitually solving problems until you master everything ultimately?