The Essence of Responsible Parenthood

Being a parent is a wonderful gift from God. Having tasks and responsibilities is not an easy job. It requires hard work and cooperation from both husband and wife. As your family grows, the responsibility also expands. It’s not just giving your kids all the comforts in life but giving them love and discipline as well.

But most of all always put God first in your lives and make Christ as the center of your family. It’s always said that a family that prays together, stays together. If we raise our children in the right way, it is possible that they would grow to be good people. In the Bible, it is said that children should obey their parents for it is right and let us not provoke our children in return for them to get angry.

Having many children as long as we have the capacity to raise and support them is much merrier. There was once a couple who was blessed with 9 children, 7 girls and 2 boys. This family comes from a far flung area. Their shabby house lies at the heart of the woods. The means of transportation was very hard. The only way to do it is by hiking. The children have to walk several kilometers to reach their school. The parents were impoverished but because of their immense determination to send their kids to school and educate them, they all became successful professionals.

Poverty is not ever an obstacle towards achieving your aspirations in life. It is, however, something that would propel you to strive even harder. Responsible parenthood is a must in order for children to become successful. Discipline is also one of the ingredients towards effective parenthood. Parents should inculcate their children the right attitude and good values. Just as the saying goes, “train up a child in the way that he should be because when he grows old he will never depart from it”.

We will always treasure our children especially during their most crucial stages in life. It’s good to have fun and go picnicking with them. Children need quality time with their parents. But do no forget to ensure the security of you and your family when you go out. Be sure to always carry with you come spy gears for your personal security.

If we are responsible parents, our kids would also be the same. Let us always spend time with our kids. The more that you spend time with them the more that you inculcate good values to your kids. The time that you spend with your kids greatly impacts how they would project themselves. It is but a very simple act with a great impact.

During the school year, we should keep our children’s best papers and projects. On the last day of class, we should join them in school events. We must let our kids make healthy choices and create a list of good habits. Every night can be family night. Start with a wonderful atmosphere. Cook the family’s favorite dish and enjoy the delectable food together. You can also let your kids help prepare the food. It can instill a lifelong love of family.