Tips For Giving Your Baby a Bath

One of my biggest fears as a new mom was giving my newborn baby a bath. How do I do it? What do I need? How do I hold him and wash him properly? Do I need my husband to hold him while  bathe him? etc. One thing I learned is that practice does make perfect so the more I bathed him the more comfortable I got with the whole process.

Here are some tips and suggestions for bathing kids:

  1.  I asked a few of my girlfriends and my own mother what to do and they filled me in on some tips. For the first month of your child’s life bathe them with a sponge bath and only use water. Shampoos, body washes and bubble baths can have detergents in them that can aggrevate a newborns skin.
  2. Always keep the bathroom stocked with what you will need for the bath such as baby bath, wash cloth, lotion, baby q-tips, towel and a diaper.
  3. Make sure that bath time is a time when both you and your baby are relaxed. Some babies fear the water so if you are relaxed they will sense that they are safe and start enjoy it.
  4. Fill the tub with warm water and be sure to check it with your elbow to ensure that it is not too hot for your baby. It helps if you have a warm bathroom as well so your baby doesn’t shiver and become uncomfortable.
  5. Gently lower your baby into the water but make sure that you are supporting them throughout, especially their little head.
  6. NEVER EVER leave a child of any age (especially a baby) in the bath unattended. If you have to leave the bathroom for any reason remove your child from the water, wrap them in their warm towel and take them out of the bathroom with you.
  7. Gently use the clean wash cloth to clean your baby’s face, neck and ears and pat (not rub) them dry. Then clean hands, arms, legs and feet. When washing their bottom and genitals make sure to clean from front to back. 
  8. Put a clean diaper on you are all done!