What Financial Help Is Out There for Single Parents?

With the economy in a state and the rising prices of food and clothing, it can be hard for a single mother with children to survive. She needs help in the form of financial support if she is to survive. There is help. Have you heard of SNAP? SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and is the new name for what used to be known as the federal food stamps program.

SNAP – financial help for single parents?

With SNAP, if you are eligible, you can receive a SNP EBT card which works like a debit card. With this card you can shop at grocery shops which accept SNAP payments. You can go online at the SNAP Retail Locator site to see if your local grocery store accepts SNAP. You need not be ashamed to use SNAP as it will help you provide for your children. With SNAP you can buy items such as bread, fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, dairy products and cereals. You cannot buy alcohol, tobacco products, pet food, toiletries, paper products, household supplies, vitamins, medicine and convenience food with SNAP.

To be eligible for SNAP you have to meet certain federal and state guidelines, namely that you cannot own more than $2000 in countable resources. The value of your home is not included in this figure, but the value of your car is, together with monies in your savings account. Your gross monthly income cannot exceed 130% of the current US Health and Human Services property guidelines.

Additional SNAP eligibility requirements are that everyone in your household must either have a social security number or be in the process of acquiring one. If you are an able-bodied adult, you will also be required to meet certain work requirements as determined by your state. Remember, laws vary from state to state.

SNAP statistics indicate that more than 31 million people receive electronic benefits through SNAP each month, and that approximately half of all SNAP participants in the last ten years have been children, and that of those children, approximately three-fifths live in single parent households. The average income for a household receiving SNAP benefits is $673 per month.

If you are a single parent who wants to work at home and continue her studies to obtain a degree, you might qualify for the Pell grant which pays up to $5,500 with a further $10,000 if you qualify. Know the difference between a grant and a loan. A grant does not have to be paid back which can make it easier for you not to worry while you are studying. A loan must be paid back over a period of time. There is also the TEACH grant you can investigate, and many more. Go online. You will find many organizations which help with support for single parents. To qualify for any government assistance, you will probably have to file for child support first as the government believes that both parents should be providing financial assistance before it has to step in and provide additional help. You can also go online to see what financial help is out there for single parents.