Work at Home Jobs For Moms – Burbs, Bibs and Blogs! Earn Easy Commissions From Home (Honest!)

In this article we are going to talk directly to women looking to find work at home. I’ve been encouraging my “Mom” readers to take the plunge into the warm and welcoming waters of blogging for big bucks for many years. And not surprisingly, in the last 12 months or so, some of the BIGGEST and most popular “celebrity” blogs have been WOMEN. Why? It’s quite simple! Women tend to be MUCH more supportive of each other, online than their male counterparts, and mothers are ALSO the primary drivers of HUGE segments of the world economy – often making family financial decisions ALONE. ( which is why I refuse to get married – but that’s a different article for another time)

What Kind of Blogs are Easy To Profit From at Home?

Well – if you know what you’re doing, all blogs are theoretically equally as potentially profitable, it’s the niche, or topic of the blog that’s important. One of the big reasons “mommy blogs” have gotten so popular is because they have such a wide threshold of monetization options – anything from kid swear – to home and garden – to back to school…..and so forth. Simply diving into a typical affiliate networks list of advertisers will give you MORE monetization options than you know what to do with….they are FREE to sign up for, and often will start converting for you immediately.

How Much Can I Make With a Work at Home Mom Blog?

It’s impossible to say for sure – but trust me when I tell you, there are women who are making MULTIPLE full time incomes from one simple blog they started at their kitchen table less than a year or two ago, simply doing derivations of the above, getting involved with communities of like minded women, having fun and certainly transforming their OWN lives ( and the lives of their families as well) in really short order. Plus of course there is the whole “giving back” thing, which I personally find over-rated, but for those of you who like to be good online ecological citizens, you’ll find this an added bonus. Have fun – and don’t forget to ask questions if you’ve got them.